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"Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen."

-Shakti Gawain

MASSAGE in Fort Worth

We look forward to serving your needs and helping you live your best life possible. The benefits of medical massage extend well beyond relaxation. Targeted medical massages can improve range of motion, decrease pain and inflammation, support good posture and relax the muscles.


Our experienced massage therapists know how to deliver a wide range of massages, including medical massages, stress reduction massages, sports massages as well as many other beneficial modalities. 


Additionally, our experts undergo countless hours of training and continued education each year from specialist all over the world. This gives our therapists a firm understanding of the various medical massage techniques available and how they can improve people’s lives. 


You’re in good hands with CRAVE Medical Spa - we will find a way to ease your pain and improve your quality of life using medical massage therapy.


                                                  Benefits of Regular Massage                       

                              ✔ improved mood                                             ✔ reduced muscle tension

                              ✔ improved circulation                                     ✔ relaxation

                              ✔ improved skin tone                                       ✔ stimulation of the lymphatic system

                              ✔ heightened mental alertness                         ✔ reduction of stress hormones

                              ✔ reduced anxiety and depression                   ✔ increased joint mobility and flexibility

                              ✔ improved recovery of soft tissue injuries


30 MIN.......$50       60 min.......$100       90 min.......$150

Restore balance to the mind and body. This soothing massage incorporates a variety of classic techniques to promote circulation and overall sense of well-being. If you are new to massage, this is a good place to start.


30 MIN.......$60       60 min.......$110       90 min.......$160

Slow and deep massage techniques to target muscle strains. Ideal to recover from strains and sprain injuries. 


30 MIN.......$60       60 min.......$110       90 min.......$160

Outcome based massage that will address a treatment plan for specific muscle health and recovery. Medical massage targets your needs through modalities such as trigger point and 

myofascial release. If you have been referred by a practitioner, or are suffering from acute/chronic pain, this is the recommended treatment for you.



30 MIN.......$60       60 min.......$110       90 min.......$160

Lymphatic drainage is a rhythmic, light massage that follows the body's detoxification pathways to rid the body of excess waste . Using just powder and no lotion, this toxin-flushing technique will enhance immunity and give quick recovery from surgeries and pesky ailments. 


30 MIN.......$60       60 min.......$110       90 min.......$160

Our trained Massage Therapist will combine massage and stretching to prepare you for peak performance. Take away fatigue, promote flexibility and help prevent injuries with a one of a kind experience.



30 MIN.......$50       60 min.......$100       90 min.......$150

The most common complications in pregnancy are driven by stress. Our certified, trained massage therapist will adjust Mommy2be with proper pillow placement to incorporate optimal side and back positions. Prenatal massage is designed to support your body in preparation for childbirth so that you're more likely to have the childbirth experience you envision. 



15 min.......$25      30 min.......$45

No time for a full massage or have difficulty laying down?  Escape with a simple chair massage.






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