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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening



Increase Your Smile Confidence with a Trip To The Smile Bar Teeth Whitening Treatment.

Some beverages, some foods and even certain medications can stain your teeth over time, leaving you with a yellowed smile and lack of confidence.  Teeth whitening can transform the appearance of your smile. CRAVE Medical Spa Smile Bar Teeth Whitening treatment can change the brightness of your teeth in one visit.

During your teeth whitening treatment a professional teeth whitening product will be applied to the teeth along with a de-mineralizer especially designed to prevent or minimize the typical increased sensitivity caused by other professional and over the counter teeth whitening products and procedures.  


Once the application of the Smile Bar Teeth Whitening gel and the de-mineralizer is complete, curing lights are used to speed up the whitening process.  This procedure is repeated twice during a single office visit. This safe whitening product penetrates the pores of your tooth enamel to bleach the dentin portion of your tooth.
Diamond Smile Teeth Whitening is effective for most people, however certain health conditions, oral conditions  or dental implants (depending on the origin of the material used) can prevent your teeth whitening treatment.  Ask your Diamond Smile technician for details.
Post Whitening Care Instructions will be provided after your treatment and are imperative in order to lock in your Diamond Smile.
Book your Smile Bar Teeth Whitening today!

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